Mages in RBGs

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Mages in RBGs

Unread postby Enimonemo Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:40 pm

I wanted to start a discussuon about mages in PvP, specifically RBGs.
What is a mages role in an RBG?
Why is Arcane the go-to spec? AoE wise its sub-par to Fire due to range limitations and ST it’s weaker compared to Frosts Glacial Spike combo.
Do you focus more on CC, AoE Damage or aim for key targets, such as healers, flag carries, flankers.

Personally, I much prefer Frost in PvP and I aim to kill key targets with powerful ST combos with BF proc, Glacial Spike and talented Frozen Orb. The combo provides quite a lot of CC too, in the form of a stun, AoE slow and occasional roots due to the chill effect.

On a different topic, do Arcane mages take Mass Invisibility? Is it a tactical move or just a minor nuisance for your and the enemy team?

All replies are welcome regarding the topic of mages in RBGs!

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