Itemize towards a "Softcap"

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Itemize towards a "Softcap"

Unread postby Slipkick Thu Sep 27, 2018 1:16 pm

Heyho folks,
This morning i took the time and tried to optimize my gear, went thorugh all my traits, enchants and sockets and stumbled upon a problem of which I can't find an answer so maybe someone has an idea.
(I do hope this is the right section for this post since I'm new to AT :lol: )

First of all my armory-link: ... r/Slipkick

Is it viable to itemize towards a soft shattercap?
I remeber times, back in wrath, when ARP-classes gemmed towards a softcap but also heard both: "Yes, It's viable" and "No, it's not"

With my current itemization I am at 18% crit, 14% haste, 16% mastery and 4% versatility.
On my chest I have the options of "Swirling Sands" which should grant, at ilvl 340, round about 10% crit (assuming 71.9 Crit = 1%) or tunnel of ice.

I do have some gear-parts with which I could reach 23.3% Crit with no procs so regarding the "Swirkling Sands" procc I would reach the Shattercap within those 18 seconds and I am thinking about the fact if this is viable or not if CDs are timed correctly.
Bad part of this is the non-existence of flexibility since haste would be the stronger stat in any other situation. I ran simcraft but I am not sure if SC accounts in CD-timing on procs (and if so I have no clue how to do that :lol: )

if you need any further information pls let me know.

So Far,
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