Azerite trait combinations

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Azerite trait combinations

Unread postby Herpie Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:15 am

Im not an expert at simming so i hop onto bloodmallet to pick the best ones.

an example from bloodmallet:

it says 'Overwhelming power' is the best trait for me. and it shows how much damage is added per trait.
303 for 1 trait 475 for 2 traits and 669 for 3 stacks.

The second best is heed my call with:
228 for 1 trait, 473 for 2 traits and 638 for 3 traits.

Now if you would mix these traits you would get the best results when you apply 1 x overwhelming power (303 dps) with 2 x heed my call (473 dps) for a total of 776.

Am i reading this correct? is mixing and matching better than stacking your best simming trait?

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