Best Tailored Gear Stats For Arcane Mage?

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Best Tailored Gear Stats For Arcane Mage?

Unread postby EagleScout Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:35 am

Hello all,

I play arcane mage, presently mythic Uldir progression with gear iLvl 378. I have tailoring as a profession and have crafted 385 Emblazoned Deep Sea Breeches in my leg slot. The stats are 140 Crit and 105 Mastery.

My question is - what would be considered the best stats to roll for as Arcane? These are pretty good with a high crit value. I did craft another with stats 123 Haste and 123 Mastery that sims roughly the same in raidbots.

Your insights are appreciated,

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