issues with decursing on conclave

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issues with decursing on conclave

Unread postby Pimpin_hooters Thu Feb 28, 2019 7:01 am

Raid only has 1 other person who can decurse due to comp, so I'm getting yelled at to decurse everyone on the fight and also spellsteal all the wind buffs. Have no problem with spellsteal, but being able to decurse exactly when someone reaches 50% health or less, and doing decurses on call are difficult, since I don't heal, and don't usually do this sort of thing (half the time, I can't find the damn person being called for on the raid frameS). Downloaded decursive, but not sure how to set it up to proc on health warning. Is there any easier way to get this done? Extremely hectic trying to dps, avoid everything, prioritize raptors, and decurse everyone at the right time. In a terrible mood tonight because they basically blamed the wipe on me not decursing enough. (12 total decurses in the fight). Any help is appreciated.
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Re: issues with decursing on conclave

Unread postby Laodi Tue Mar 05, 2019 3:49 pm

Short answer i think u will not like:
Kill Gonk first, ignore first set of hexes because there is no reason to dispell
The order in which u kill the bosses is mostly irrelevant. If your team only has 2 decurses why go with paku first?
Also u are a mage. U love Paku. Don't kill the bird.
Get your raidlead in line and kill Gonk->Tiger->Akunda->Paku
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Re: issues with decursing on conclave

Unread postby eXQQ2 Fri Mar 08, 2019 5:29 pm

Hi Pimpin_hooters,

i don't know how Laodi's answer has anything to do with the questions you asked, unless the problem is really in heroic and not in mythic. But since you're talking about "50% health or less" I guess it's about the mythic version.

Having to do a valid amount of DPS while spellstealing 2 bosses and decursing people won't get any less hectic if your raid is not getting another person for decursing. In my raid, we are 2 healers + 2 mages for decursing, which seems just to be the right amount and it's still somewhat hectic in the last phase. My suggestion: Get in touch with your RL while he's in a good mood (probably not during a raid, maybe beforehand) and explain him your problem. If he refuses to understand, then he might not be a good RL.
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Re: issues with decursing on conclave

Unread postby Fnoptik Tue Mar 12, 2019 3:29 pm

This can help you
Helper for decurse the Bwonsamdi's Wrath anti-healing debuff on the Conclave of the Chosen encounter
It will glow unit frame if is affected by the curse and unit is <= 50% HP or is a tank
You need to have LibGetFrame-1.0 get it at
Configurable in the custom options tab

ps i don't think this encounter completable if there are only 2 people who can decurse.

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