Help! Fire or Frost ?

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Help! Fire or Frost ?

Unread postby Lohdekz Tue Mar 05, 2019 6:52 pm

Hi guys, i really need help.

So my problem is simple, i don't know what else to do to increase my DPS.

Currently i have 399ilvl (24% crt, 21%hast, 12% mas, 0% ver) with frost spec.

On boss in BOD i keep 16k - 19k dps easy, but in DG mythic i can't pass 14k dps overall, already see others mages with same ilvl doing 19 - 23k in mythic, so i dont know what i do.

I try change talents, it doesn't work.
I use pre-pot's, flask and food, and it doesn't work too.

So, i tried change to fire and my dps was ridiculous 8K overall (sorry for your key bro). With same items my crit stay with 43%, but the other stats fall relatively.

Maybe i need change my stats, but icy-veins, wowhead always told me to give priority to crit.
Azerite traits according bloodmallet, and my trinked's are not so bad.

I already read guides from here and other sites like a million times. I'm desperate, lost my group for mythic + :(

Follow armory link, pls someone help me. ... is/Lohdekz

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