Help/Analysis of Low Frost Damage

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Help/Analysis of Low Frost Damage

Unread postby Zev Thu Apr 11, 2019 9:47 pm

Hey all!

Fairly new here and I know there's a few other people that have posted about having low damage in the past. But I haven't seem to figure out what my specific problem is. I feel like I'm doing correct rotations, using correct traits, etc but I guess not because I'm still underperforming.

Anyway, would love to get some insight and help on what I could do to improve from some of you experts out there. Links/more context below.




Armory ... wing/zevvi


Icy Veins to Frozen Orb. FoF procs. Frostbolt to Icicles. GS + BF Procs + Ice Lance. Ebonbolt as backup. Frostbolt as Backup


Low DPS / Overall Damage Compared to Frost Mages with similar iLvl

Increase my Damage/DPS and get a better understanding of improvements I should make.
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Re: Help/Analysis of Low Frost Damage

Unread postby Infarc Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:21 pm

A few things in looking through your logs. On your King Rastakhan mythic fight, you're only using Glacial Spike about 84% of the time. Some of that can't be helped, especially in phase 3 where things get crazy. The biggest DPS loss in that fight for you is your 35% downtime. I know there's a small cinematic between phases, but 35% of the time casting no spells at all is significant. You're also not pre-potting, second potting, or eating food. Click this link to see that particular fight on wowanalyzer: ... khan/Zevvi

On mythic Opulence a few days before you had the same problem with Glacial Spike (80% usage), and struggled to make good use of Icy Veins and Frozen Orb. You did eat and pot for the fight though. See it here: ... ence/Zevvi

In fact, here's all of your recent logs.

Good use of wowanalyzer, recording and watching yourself (super helpful) and watching top player streams on Twitch can make an average player that much better. If you really want to improve, those are the best things you can do!

P.S. On your opener, try casting a Frostbolt 2 seconds before pull, followed by Icy Veins, Frozen Orb, etc. Good luck, my friend!
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