Fire - Starting Strong, Falling off Hard

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Fire - Starting Strong, Falling off Hard

Unread postby SqweepS Wed Apr 22, 2020 7:15 am

Just swapped over to fire after finally pulling together what I felt was a decent set of gear. I feel confident in my opener, but after the opener, things fall apart terribly. I'm not really sure what to do, when to use combustion, what CDs to wait for. I'm having a bit of a time figuring out the middle ground between opener and execute.

Here are my logs from my most recent go in heroic. Would really appreciate any guidance that would help me improve because I feel so so far behind after the opener.

Logs: ... 33&fight=4
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Re: Fire - Starting Strong, Falling off Hard

Unread postby Dimisn Sun Apr 26, 2020 4:47 am

Heyya, just from looking at your logs it seems like your stats may be off. You have pretty low crit and very high haste with extremely low versatility. I would also recommend getting your hands on some % mastery corrupted gear if you can. Also i see you have two haste gems and two int gems might be better but again you would need to sim for it. That is just my general observation from looking at that. I have not played BFA fire mage much so i could just be talking out my ass on this as well.
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Re: Fire - Starting Strong, Falling off Hard

Unread postby Distrbed10k Tue May 05, 2020 8:00 pm

As Dimisn said, your crit is really low. Like abysmally low, my 474 set for my mage has 1137 crit rating and even then I still think its low. I would start off by swapping haste for crit. Your duplicative incineration azerite trait I would switch to tidal surge as dup incineration can mess up heating up a fair bit. Ideally you want to use rune of power before you combust, meteor after 3 stacks of blaster master after you use the bracers, then back to blast pyro. After the opener phase you go into the normal priority using fire blast on heating up procs. Natural hot streaks you want to cast a fireball and pyro around the same time(this gets better with high crit) to have a chance at another natural hot streak. Mid fight you want to use combustion off cooldown and if movement isnt anticipated for at least 12 or so seconds so that way you benefit from the full effect of rune of power. Dont let rune of power cap in stacks. Meteor you ideally want to combo with a rune of power. In execute you will be mainly casting scorch with searing touch since it auto crits at or below 30% hp comboing with fire blast to get hot streak into pyro. Use memory and balefire branch with each combustion. Also look into using formless void minor once you stack up more crit.

#showtooltip Combustion
/cast Memory of Lucid Dreams
/use 14
/cast Combustion

Thats my combustion macro I use, slot 14 is the bottom trinket. You can change it to 13 for top slot.

#showtooltip Meteor
/cast [@cursor] Meteor

Thats my meteor macro, it casts meteor at the cursors position instead of having to select the location.

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