Fire: 180 hours in, work to go

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Fire: 180 hours in, work to go

Unread postby Sionnaigh Fri Mar 26, 2021 7:54 pm

Hey! I am not happy with my Fire DPS. I have definitely did my reading, and have spent a lot of time in Heroic raids and in mid-tier Mythic Plusses (8 being about my comfort level).

I do think I need to accept that dps outside of Combustion is just kinda marking time and trying to shorten my Combustion CD.

But I also worry that I'm missing a few more things bigger-picture.

The following should be a link to a Heroic Huntsman kill that should decently demonstrate my current skill point. I lived the whole time, and the mechanics aren't super challenging, obviously, so it's a benchmark: ... amage-done

Hungering Destroyer is another that shows what I do and don't know without any major confounding factors: ... amage-done

Any advice/insight would be accepted with much gratitude.

Uh, also, bonus concern: I got Soul Igniter last night. So, like, I'm overwhelmed with the basic spec (I just switched from Windwalker, so this is a little bit of a 180), and now I have a complicated trinket?? Oy.

Thanks for reading this far ;)

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