[H][US-Laughing Skull] <Tilted> Let the games begin! 3/9M

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[H][US-Laughing Skull] <Tilted> Let the games begin! 3/9M

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<Tilted> Is currently recruiting one exceptional mage! Who are we?

Top US 304 2-Night Raiding guild (culmination of Laughing Skull, Cho'gall, and Auchindoun) that have been together since the first raid tier of Legion. The officer core has been together for several years and over half of our mythic roster is composed of the original members we started this guild with to this date. We may have a casual raid schedule, but it comes with a hard core mindset that seeks to push the boundaries of the game with minimal impact on your personal life.

We're looking for an individual who can commit to the raid schedule, has a good attitude, and excels at their class. If this sounds like you, we may be the guild you're looking for. If you play any other ranged class and can prove you are capable of playing at a high level, we are open to considerations!

Our raid schedule is as follows:

Tuesday: Mythic 7PM-11PM CST
Wednesday: Optional Heroic 7PM-11PM CST
Thursday: Mythic 7PM-11PM CST

Cutting Edge Achievements
7/7M EN
3/3M TOV
10/10M NH

*Current Tier 20
9/9H TOS
1/9M TOS

Please contact:

Co-GM/Raid Lead/Recruiter
In-game name - Throwmevodka
Bnet - ChaddizBack#11223
Discord - Vodka#341

In-game name - Luufreezy
Bnet - Luufeezy#1729
Discord - Luufeezy#0211

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