Endure is recruiting for Uldir and 8.1

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Endure is recruiting for Uldir and 8.1

Unread postby Ohryax Sat Nov 10, 2018 1:59 am

<Endure> [H][Zul'Jin] Mythic Oriented Group founded by a duo in January 2015. Looking for skilled individuals with a superior knowledge of class and spec, so that we will be able finish each tier before hard nerfs go out. Our BFA Goals are to be in the top U.S. 100. We are looking for long term committed individuals, and players who are willing to consistently find ways to improve their play and mechanical ability for the group.

Currently Looking for players with exceptional mechanics. Specifically:
-B Druid
-Frost DK
Please contact GM Amethystz#1205 on bnet

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