Alchemy Trinkets

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Alchemy Trinkets

Unread postby Graven Thu Dec 13, 2018 4:08 am

Bloodmallet doesn't include the new alchemy trinkets in its DPS list, any insight into where they rank? I know versatility is weak, but obviously it would still rank enough to be listed. I could go an sim it, but I'm wondering if they're even worth crafting.
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Re: Alchemy Trinkets

Unread postby WhiteVulpine Wed Jan 16, 2019 4:25 am

Ther 385 verse trink is good. Beats a 370 tentacle for me single target. I was able to get the recipes after crafting just one trinket. Scrapping the 370 trinket after making it will return all the hydrocore and expulsom you used. I am pretty sure scrapping the 355 will also return all the hydrocore and expulsom.

To reiterate. You can make one Sanguinated stone and get the Imbued recipe. Then make one Imbued and get the Emblazoned recipe. Scrap the trinkets to return the expulsom and hydrocore to make the next trinket. The only kinda expensive part is the Anchor Weed. Ill prob scrap the Emblazoned once season 2 comes out and I have 15 Tidalcore to make the identical statted Tidal stone so I can start getting the 400 and 415 trinkets. Should be pretty quick, the only gate being the Titalcore.

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