Arena Team Comps

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Arena Team Comps

Unread postby Raighoc Thu Dec 13, 2018 9:17 pm

Looking for thoughts on what you think is the best arena team comp to be paired with mages (preferably of the frost variety), in both 2s and 3s.

Also, which talent builds do you find to work best in arenas?
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Re: Arena Team Comps

Unread postby peacant Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:25 am

For frost mages. Best twos comp is probably Disc Frost. You pretty much just kite the entire game and your disc should focus on doing damage over healing you.

Best threes comp is RMP. Same thing, kind of relying on disc to be doing a lot of damage. In most games your disc should be doing comparable damage to you.

As for builds. 2 Tunnel of ice and one Battlefield focus is probably best, but you can also do two battlefield focus and one tunnel of ice.

Pvp talents should be trinket, Temp shield (klepto vs resto druid and MoTW buff), deep shatter and concentrated coldness for threes. In twos you can swap out concentrated coldness for burst of cold since you will probably be facing a lot of melee healer comps.

For regular talents. Ice Nova (lonely winter if you are playing a spell cleave can be nice), Shimmer, Incanters flow, ebonbolt, Ring of Frost (frigid winds if you are playing a spell cleave), comet storm , ray of frost.

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