Manifesto of madness macro

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Manifesto of madness macro

Unread postby BRØKN Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:11 pm

Hi I've been trying to make a manifesto of madness macro for a few days but it hasn't been working for me...
I also tried the one Preheat linked but it didn't work for me after translating it to my client. (The french one).

The french macro :
#showtooltip Combustion
/use Manifeste de la folie
/cancelaura Manifeste de la folie : chapitre 1
/castsequence reset=30 Combustion, Explosion pyrotechnique, Explosion pyrotechnique

The only thing that doesn't work in this macro is the cancelaura everything else is working fine. :/

If someone can help making this macro usable in french it would greatly help because i really like the french voices of the game.^^

Have a nice day.^^
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Re: Manifesto of madness macro

Unread postby Meidway Sat May 02, 2020 2:03 pm

Salut je suppose que tu est français? Je viens de trouver la solution via le forum de wow du coup je essayer de t'exliquer au mieux ^^

Alors tu doit ouvrir ton journal de combat, trouver le buff Manifeste de la folie : chapitre 1. Si tu le trouve pas fait un clic droit sur "Journal - Réglages tu va dans la section "Qu'est ce qui m'est arrivé" puis "Types de messages" et tu coche Auras Bénéfique, il s'affichera.

Ensuite une fois que tu as trouver le buff tu ouvre ton chat avec entrée comme pour écrire et tu fait un maj clic sur celui-ci puis un copier coller dans ta macro. Sa va te donner /cancelaura [Manifeste de la folie : chapitre 1] y'as plus qu'as effacer les crochet et c'est tout bon ^^.
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Re: Manifesto of madness macro

Unread postby Distrbed10k Tue May 05, 2020 8:08 pm

Not a french speaker but from what I am seeing you are trying to macro too many abilities in on the same button. Ideally you would want something like this:

#showtooltip Combustion
/cast Memory of Lucid Dreams
/use 14
/cast Combustion

the /use 14 slot is for bottom trinket, 13 is for top trinket. This macro would cast memory of lucid dreams, then use manifesto, then combustion. Also I am not sure why you would want to cancel out the crit buff from manifesto.
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Re: Manifesto of madness macro

Unread postby Moonfaxx Thu May 07, 2020 8:20 pm

I am not sure why you would want to cancel out the crit buff from manifesto.
When used in conjunction with Combustion, the extra crit is useless (other than to nominally increase mastery). If you cancel the initial crit buff ("Chapter 1"), you force the subsequent versatility buff ("Chapter 2").

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