Upcoming Legendary changes 7.2

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Re: Upcoming Legendary changes 7.2

Unread postby nucrus Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:38 pm

Not surprising, the change would have made it clunky to use.
Always having to Hero second since you wouldn't benefit from someone elses. Previously it was optimal to Hero first (so you could again in 5mins) but you weren't completely screwed if you didn't.
Having to drums (which is only 25%) for the group (in the case of no other mages/shamen) so that you can still get a second TW.

I'm not entirely convinced that it even needs a nerf, sure it's strong, but only overly so if your TWing on the pull (in which case you can probably get 3 total).
That's pretty situational and Blizzard has said in the past that they are fine with situational legendaries being stronger.
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Re: Upcoming Legendary changes 7.2

Unread postby Kythos Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:24 pm

Update (for those that might have missed it)
Shard changes were reverted for now.

another topic regarding upcoming legendary changes in 7.2 is Cord of Infinity...

with recent buffs anyone on PTR test?

how will it effect our playstyle?
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