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Unread postby Bink Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:51 pm

I've been play fire for a month or two now, first time ever playing a mage so I'm not overly familiar with the class or spec, and I've been maining a prot pally all xpac. I know I've got a lot of room for improvement, and I'm hoping ya'll can help me figure out what I need to work on exactly.

Armory Link:
Raidbot sim: ... 2Uu2vyYS9w (I generally use Pyro, forgot to swap back after a M+ last night)

I'm not really sure if my stats need mixing up, or if it's something in my rotation, but hopefully someone here whose better with logs can help me figure out what I need to work on to improve and better compete with other fire mages.
I don't have any of the antorus teir yet.
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Re: General Help

Unread postby Rhennthyl Tue Dec 12, 2017 3:48 am

Generally speaking, in T21, crit > mastery > haste. Your stats are more or less fine for T21, so I wouldn't really recommend changing them up too much now, as you'll be changing them back once you get the 4piece. Of course, sim yourself for what's best for you. Here are the big things I noticed:

1. Legendary Choice
The glove legendary is pretty mediocre for fire until you're using the T21 4piece and there's 2+ targets. The shard or belt, depending on the fight, are much better. The shard is best where you use TW at the start of the encounter, like Varimathras. The belt is best in situations where you use TW at the end, like Imonar, or where the QoL benefit of the belt really helps, like on the final phase of the Argus encounter.

2. Talent Choice
Conflag is an AoE talent and is subpar in single target encounters, simming as a 3.2% (47k) dps loss when compared to Firestarter for me. Use Pyromaniac (bleh) or Firestarter instead. If you take Firestarter, you don't want to use Combustion on pull, as that negates any value you would receive from Firestarter. The opening rotation for Firestarter is prepot -> cast Pyroblast + Fire Blast -> Pyroblast -> Phoenix flames -> chain Fireball+Pyroblast. You're fishing for bracer procs, so if you get one, hardcast Pyroblast then return to chaining Fireball and Pyroblast. Make sure you keep a charge of PF and Fire Blast floating while you're still in the Firestarter rotation. Your want to have a bracer proc around 90% to 91%, so you can hardcast Pyroblast and use Combustion right before it finishes casting. If you don't, it's not a huge deal, just transition straight into Combustion.

Kindling synergizes well with the T21 bonuses, but doesn't really synergize with the T20 bonuses. Kindling is simming as a 0.7% (11k) DPS loss for me compared to Meteor, and I have no T21 bonuses either. Also note that the value of Kindling increases as your crit increases, as it works only when Fireball/Fire Blast/Pyroblast crits. Sim yourself to see whether you would benefit more from Meteor or from Kindling. If you switch to Meteor, the value of crit will likely drop from your current stat weights.

3. Combustion Rotation
From what I can see, your Combustion rotation looks fine, but just in case:
Your goal in Combustion is to pump out as many instant cast Pyroblasts as possible. Thus, exhaust your Fireblast and PF charges, then move onto Scorch. You never want to use Fireball while Combustion is active, as Scorch is a quicker cast. Also, if you get a bracer proc and you can hardcast Pyroblast before Combustion expires, hardcast Pyroblast. If you get it with 3 or less seconds of Combustion, wait until Combustion is over. The spell priority during Combustion is:
Bracers Pyroblast (if you have enough time to cast it!) > Hot Streak Pyroblast > Fire Blast (at/near 3 charges) > PF (at/near 3 charges) > Fire Blast (less than 3 charges) > PF (less than 3 charges) > Scorch.

4. Potions
Make sure that you're pre-potting with Prolonged Power before every pull. Also, be sure to use your potion in combat. You should use 2 potions in every fight except Argus, where you can use at least 3 (more if you die in phase 4).

5. Trinkets
Trinkets heavily impact your DPS. If your Tarnished Sentinel Medallion's item level is decently high, you should be using that over the Dreadstone. If both are at 910, the Tarnished Sentinel Medallion will increase your DPS by 24k more than the Dreadstone. Assuming ilvl is equal, the Tarnished Sentinel Medallion is the 4th best trinket for fire mages (Aman'thul's Vision > Acrid Catalyst Injector > Unstable Arcanocrystal > Tarnished Sentinel's Medallion). Check here for trinket rankings.

Let me know if you have any questions!
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Re: General Help

Unread postby Bink Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:20 am

I do use pyro in raids, I had just swapped to conflag for a M+ and forgot to change it back before posting. I've been using pyro over firestarter as I've felt it would, assuming 'decent' procs would be more beneficial in my guilds normal/heroic runs, though I have no doubt firestarter would out-preform pyro in mythic content.
As far as leggos go, I don't have the belt yet and only recently picked up the bracers (thankfully). I do have shard, as does our other mage in guild, but our shaman is unreliable with hero so It's my duty to hero for raid, would drums for second hero still beat out the gloves?
I do have a 905 owl, sims about 13k higher than dreadstone. ... fcJJV8zgxY
A question on potions, is Prolonged the way to go? It's what I have been using, but I've wondered if the other caster pot would perform higher or not.
I may try out firestarter tm night and see how it feels, but it'll be another normal clear so I'm unsure how much it'll get utilized with bosses dropping below 90% fairly quickly.


I simmed with shard and owl raised dps to about 1.432k.
I also simmed both of those and changed kind to metor and it lost dps down to 1.428.

edit2: ... MMmCZs2izq Best sim I could get.

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