Fire in M+

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Fire in M+

Unread postby Weebins Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:20 pm

Outside of this week with bolstering being very tough for Fire, I'm looking to play Fire more in M+ or at least figure out the ideal situation for when going fire over frost would be advantageous. It seems like the changes have been fast and furious lately and the spec is still being a bit "solved," but here's questions I have:

What talents are working best? I've seen mostly RoP+Meteor, but heard somewhere else you want to go IF+Pyroclasm for Tyrannical. Not sure why that would be if RoP+Meteor is generally the better ST spec. Mastery being an obviously very strong stat in M+ and scaling best with RoP+Meteor makes me question it even more.

Having a lot of fire damage coming from combustion windows makes the spec very dependent on good planning vs frost where you pretty much cast everything on cooldown. Frost seems much more forgiving if something doesn't go according to plan since fire DPS outside of combustion is so much lower.

Is there any way to sim when switching from Hot Streaked Pyros to Flamestrikes makes sense? Mastery plays a big role in this decision, so it doesn't seem like there could be a rule of thumb without accounting for stats/azerite traits.

Any insight for Fire M+ is welcome. Cheers!

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