Fire mage with low AOE dmg

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Fire mage with low AOE dmg

Unread postby SeattleMoon Mon Mar 09, 2020 9:04 pm

Ok... I'm trying to look up fire mage aoe rotation. But I can't really find any, so I'm here.
I love doing keys, and I'm doing +16 - 18 keys recently.
Many players have been complained about my overall damage.
They called me dog, trash...etc everything you can image.
Anyway.... Here's my questions:

How to increase overall damage in keys?
I'm doing good AOE damage with combusion.
But when I'm outside of combusion, my AOE damage is like half of the melees....

I changed my talent to flame patch.
I'm doing flamestrike with it...
The dps increased a bit, but still way lower than melees... (especially when tank kited the mobs... flame patch didn't really help)

What should I do? Any suggestion please?
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Re: Fire mage with low AOE dmg

Unread postby Heatdrop Tue Mar 10, 2020 7:14 pm

That’s all you do, honestly. Drop RoP and spam flamestrike while occasionally casting fire blast to maintain blaster master and weave in extra flame strikes. If you’re really look to min/max it, build a set of gear with higher mastery rating, but that’s gonna be what you’ve got this xpac. We’re more about raw single target damage than anything.
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Re: Fire mage with low AOE dmg

Unread postby srodg2 Sun Apr 05, 2020 2:25 pm

Fire is a wet noodle outside of combustion. The 2nd to last tier is garbo and flamestrike is just the better of the 3 garbo options for M+. Maximize dps by picking the right packs to bust on. Pugging into keys isn't likely going to optimize your dps unless the tank knows to pull around your combustion windows. It helps to have a set party to push keys with. It also helps greatly to know each key well. Eventually, you'll know exactly which packs your combusting on and your party will as well and likely hold off their cd's unless theyre complete and utter cucks.

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