Don't sell or disenchant your haste gear

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Don't sell or disenchant your haste gear

Unread postby Julia Sun Nov 29, 2020 10:33 pm

Hello there,

As some of you might have noticed with the low amount of haste you have at the start of an expansion, the weight of the stat plummets greatly around 440 total haste despite guides telling you your best stat is haste.

See: Class=Mage, Spec=Fire, Intellect=2.49, CritRating=0.71, HasteRating=0.54, MasteryRating=0.74, Versatility=0.79 ... JaSwP/simc

This is plummet is only a temporary thing as once you add around a 120 more haste the value of the stat sky rockets to what its supposed to be (and to what any guide will tell you)
see: ... jxTcX/simc
For a more easy understanding, the weights would become:
Class=Mage, Spec=Fire, Intellect=2.67, CritRating=0.78, HasteRating=0.91, MasteryRating=0.84, Versatility=0.83 ... 7ReYh/simc

Now we all know the best way to gear yourself optimally is using topgear and later on in the tier we even have bis list's again due to the removal of titan forging, however I'm making this post to warn you about your haste as topgearing a few items that do not beat this haste threshhold will make it seem like the items are bad for you while in actuality you should be saving your haste items until you could reach across this dip in stat value.

I hope this cleared up some confusion for newer mages.

For more clarification, feel free to bother people in the mage discord.

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