Raidbots Simming Problem/Issue/Confusion

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Raidbots Simming Problem/Issue/Confusion

Unread postby Frankiefusion22 Wed Feb 17, 2021 7:19 am

Hey all, new here, but a lot of people have suggested I check this site out!

So, as of Shadowlands, I decided to go back to playing a Fire Mage. Now, currently I'm about 199 Item Level and simming around 4700-4800 DPS.

The Problem I'm having is that no matter what gear I sim - even a 184 piece of gear will sim better than a 213 or even a 220! No matter what piece i get period. Then I look at my stat weights and droptimizer and things just don't seem to add up whatsoever. It's like I'm at a point where unless it's 226 gear it's where im at.... So basically I'm looking for help as to help with the sims if that's an issue or if I'm doing it wrong, or help in actually what the hell I should be lookin for :(

Thank you all in advance for your help. Armory Link is below and will gladly provide any information needed for raidbots: ... %B4r%C3%AA

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