Glacial Spike Simcraft APL

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Glacial Spike Simcraft APL

Unread postby fungames22 Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:18 pm

I want to do a custom rotation as I am experimenting with a high crit gear(52%+), low-mid verse(20%+), low haste0, low mastery0 build.

I need it something like this.

rune of power
icy veins
frostbolt glacials

I will not be needing flurries as my crit is already extremely high, no ebonbolts.

then I need one the same where I shatter my glacial spikes behind flurry.

Can anyone help? I would like to paste this on APL: SimC Default section


matter of fact - is there a private server where I Can test this?
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Re: Glacial Spike Simcraft APL

Unread postby Zulandia Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:38 pm

If you do not wish to run it on a public server (I.E. raidbots) simc can be downloaded and installed locally from the following nightly repo;O=D New builds will be posted there roughly nightly. Alternatively you can download and compile it yourself directly from the github repo if you are comfortable doing so

If you wish to experiment with different rotation it may be useful to familiarize yourself with the APL syntax which is described here: ... ctionLists the mage section of the wiki is also useful when working with mages as it contains some mage specific functions The current APLs (both for mages and other classes) are of course also great references while learning.

More detailed descriptions as well as a couple functions which are not documented yet can obviously found directly in the implementation code (which is all open source and available to be viewed either locally or on github).

That said I will make a note to come back and write you an APL when I get some free time from school/work if you have not started experimenting yourself/someone else does not come along to help you. Though I am quite busy at the moment so it may be a couple days.
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Re: Glacial Spike Simcraft APL

Unread postby Andrestes Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:16 am

I was curious, so I figured I'd give the APL a go. I _think_ this is doing what it's supposed to.

Code: Select all

# Default consumables potion=prolonged_power flask=whispered_pact food=lemon_herb_filet augmentation=defiled # This default action priority list is automatically created based on your character. # It is a attempt to provide you with a action list that is both simple and practicable, # while resulting in a meaningful and good simulation. It may not result in the absolutely highest possible dps. # Feel free to edit, adapt and improve it to your own needs. # SimulationCraft is always looking for updates and improvements to the default action lists. # Executed before combat begins. Accepts non-harmful actions only. actions.precombat=flask actions.precombat+=/food actions.precombat+=/augmentation actions.precombat+=/water_elemental actions.precombat+=/snapshot_stats actions.precombat+=/mirror_image actions.precombat+=/potion actions.precombat+=/frostbolt # Executed every time the actor is available. actions=counterspell # Time Warp is used right at the start. If the actor has Shard of the Exodar, try to synchronize the second Time Warp with Icy Veins. If the target is about to die, use Time Warp regardless. actions+=/time_warp,if=buff.bloodlust.down&(buff.exhaustion.down|equipped.shard_of_the_exodar)&(cooldown.icy_veins.remains<1|target.time_to_die<50) actions+=/call_action_list,name=movement,moving=1 actions+=/call_action_list,name=cooldowns actions+=/call_action_list,name=single # Rune of Power is used when going into Icy Veins and while Icy Veins are up. Outside of Icy Veins, use Rune of Power when about to cap on charges or the target is about to die. actions.cooldowns=rune_of_power,if=cooldown.icy_veins.remains<cast_time|charges_fractional>1.9&cooldown.icy_veins.remains>10|buff.icy_veins.up|target.time_to_die+5<charges_fractional*10 actions.cooldowns+=/potion,if=cooldown.icy_veins.remains<1|target.time_to_die<70 actions.cooldowns+=/icy_veins actions.cooldowns+=/mirror_image actions.cooldowns+=/use_items actions.cooldowns+=/blood_fury actions.cooldowns+=/berserking actions.cooldowns+=/arcane_torrent actions.movement=blink,if=movement.distance>10 actions.movement+=/ice_floes,if=buff.ice_floes.down&!buff.fingers_of_frost.react # Winter's Chill from Flurry can apply to the spell cast right before (provided the travel time is long enough). This can be exploited to a great effect with Ebonbolt, Glacial Spike (which deal a lot of damage by themselves) and Frostbolt (as a guaranteed way to proc Frozen Veins and Chain Reaction). When using Glacial Spike, it is worth saving a Brain Freeze proc when Glacial Spike is right around the corner (i.e. with 5 Icicles). However, when the actor also has T20 2pc, Glacial Spike is delayed to fit into Frozen Mass, so we do not want to sit on a Brain Freeze proc for too long in that case. ### remove the line below to stop using flurry actions.single+=/flurry,if=prev_gcd.1.ebonbolt|buff.brain_freeze.react&(prev_gcd.1.glacial_spike|prev_gcd.1.frostbolt&(!talent.glacial_spike.enabled|buff.icicles.stack<=4|cooldown.frozen_orb.remains<=10&set_bonus.tier20_2pc)) # With T20 2pc, Frozen Orb should be used as soon as it comes off CD. actions.single+=/frozen_orb,if=set_bonus.tier20_2pc&buff.fingers_of_frost.react<3 # Freezing Rain Blizzard. While the normal Blizzard action is usually enough, right after Frozen Orb the actor will be getting a lot of FoFs, which might delay Blizzard to the point where we miss out on Freezing Rain. Therefore, if we are not at a risk of overcapping on FoF, use Blizzard before using Ice Lance. actions.single+=/blizzard,if=cast_time=0&active_enemies>1&buff.fingers_of_frost.react<3 actions.single+=/frozen_orb actions.single+=/ice_nova actions.single+=/comet_storm # Against low number of targets, Blizzard is used as a filler. Zann'esu buffed Blizzard is used only at 5 stacks. actions.single+=/blizzard,if=active_enemies>1|buff.zannesu_journey.stack=5&buff.zannesu_journey.remains>cast_time # While Frozen Mass is active, we want to fish for Brain Freeze for the next Glacial Spike. Stop when Frozen Mass is about to run out and we wouldn't be able to cast Glacial Spike in time. actions.single+=/frostbolt,if=buff.frozen_mass.remains>execute_time+action.glacial_spike.execute_time+action.glacial_spike.travel_time&!buff.brain_freeze.react&talent.glacial_spike.enabled # Glacial Spike is generally used as it is available, unless we have T20 2pc. In that case, Glacial Spike is delayed when Frozen Mass is happening soon (in less than 10 s). actions.single+=/glacial_spike,if=cooldown.frozen_orb.remains>10|!set_bonus.tier20_2pc actions.single+=/frostbolt # While on the move, use instant Blizzard if available. actions.single+=/blizzard
You'll probably need to go to;O=D to download the latest version of simcraft. Import your character and delete from the "Default consumables" section to the top of your gear list (not the gear list, though). It's currently shattering with flurry, so you can remove the marked lined if you want to turn that off and re-sim.

just, fyi, it was pretty ugly for me. my TV build sims almost 1.5m and the best I got was around 1.1m with GS not casting ice lance. The default GS APL was at 1.2m. Granted, I could only get to 50% crit and 11% vers with a ton of haste, so it might go better for you. (also, I used Shard and Sephuz as my leggos) Good luck and drop a note if you run into any trouble. Maybe someone a little better at simc will stop by.

Edit: there is something going on with the simc build I downloaded (January 17 version for windows 64 bit). It's showing me at ~1.5m dps and raidbots has me at ~1.7m. I'm thinking it's the build I downloaded since I did over 1.5m on LFR Garothi a couple of days ago. It looked like my spell damage per execution time was lower on my local build.

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