help to improve my performance

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help to improve my performance

Unread postby fenix Wed May 06, 2020 7:09 am

Hi everyone, I've been playing fire mage recently and I would like to get feedback from people on what should I aim for in terms of gear, rotation and everything that could help me boost my overall dps. I've been doing some pvp and killing azshara every week without luck, but I still think that is not the only thing that I should improve to get my logs up.

some specific questions:

Should I run flamepacth for mythic plus with my current gear?
Should I go for a second rank 3 void ritual on a ring 415 or TD rank 2 on a ring 455?

Here some logs: ... os/neblatz

Here is a link to a recent sim: ... xrXpdZhvgP

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